Video filming – Kyiv, Ukraine. Video operator services.

Video filming - Kyiv, Dnipro. Videographer prices for video shooting.
Video filming - Kyiv, Dnipro. Videographer prices for video shooting.

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Enigma studio offers a whole range of video filming services in Kyiv and all Ukraine.

Our advantages:

  • Favorable price/quality ratio;
  • Extensive experience in the service market;
  • Modern equipment;
  • Possibility to conclude a contract;
  • Cash and non-cash payment;

Video shooting

Services of a professional videographer in Kyiv and the region. Single and multi-camera video filming of events. The whole range of related services.


Professional photographer for your event – wedding, family reunion, business event, children’s party or just a photo shoot.

Видеосъемка в Киеве. Цены, стоимость услуг видеооператора.

Create ad videos. A full cycle of video production from writing a script to editing a promotional video and promotion on the Internet.


Turnkey live streaming to YouTube, Facebook or your platform. Stream any events: from city events to private holidays.


Video filming in Kyiv and Dnipro. Video operator services – Kyiv, Dnipro.

We are pleased to offer you a whole range of services professional video filming in Kyiv and the Dnieper. Our studio is engaged in video filming of events and related services (post-production, video editing, slideshows) both for private celebrations (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, matinees) and for business (creation of commercials, reportage, conferences). presentations, seminars). Having sufficient experience in the field of video production services, we will capture the most important episodes of your life on video. Our main advantage is a favorable price / quality ratio, the cost of services from the Enigma production studio in Kyiv and the Dnieper will pleasantly surprise you, and the quality of our work will always please you.

Our advantages:

  • Professionalism and responsibility;
  • Modern equipment;
  • Possibility to conclude a contract;
  • Cash or non-cash form of payment;
  • Affordable prices;

Professional video filming: prices for videographer services.

We offer: multi-camera video filming of weddings, anniversaries, video filming of corporate parties, graduations, video filming of commercials, as well as any events and celebrations. Enigma Studio works both on individual orders and with legal entities, including many companies and enterprises that regularly invite us to corporate events or order commercials. We work both with staged shooting and reportage – Kyiv and the region.

Wedding video filming and all production is carried out in high definition FullHD 1920×1080. A wedding video consists of a reportage part and staged clips, which result in a wedding film being edited. A script is created for filming a wedding celebration, which later serves as the basis of a wedding film. Traditionally, the shooting of the wedding includes the gathering of the newlyweds, the ransom of the bride, the ceremony of painting in the registry office, the wedding walk and the banquet. The client chooses the duration of the wedding shooting on his own, usually it is 40-180 minutes.

Children’s parties

Video filming of children’s parties is very popular with our clients: matinees, christenings, birthdays and various events at school or kindergarten. Video filming for the last call and graduation party has long been included in the mandatory program, and about five years ago graduations in kindergarten and elementary grades also got into this list.


Video filming for business usually involves filming a corporate event, production of commercials or reportage filming of presentations, meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures or a New Year’s holiday.

City Events

Video filming of city events in Kyiv includes concerts, parades, sporting events, shows and much more.

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Prices for services

Our studio is guided by a reasonable pricing policy. Decent value for money, coupled with the use of professional equipment, allows us to attract and retain customers. The cost of services of video filming may depend on a number of factors, ranging from the number of hours of work of the operator and ending with the complexity of video editing. In each case, we offer several options for the client to choose from. You will always have the opportunity to save money and choose the best solution. Standard prices – in the table video filming prices in Kyiv.